Fiberutilities Group (FG) offers a broad array of services that focus on bringing the benefits of world class connectivity to public and private businesses and enterprises. We are business professionals who understand how to leverage technology as a competitive advantage. With over 12,000 miles of network under management, FG provides highly specialized, client-specific services. FG brings decades of experience to every client interaction and delivers a comprehensive solution as a strategic advisor.

Healthcare Centric

We serve many large Healthcare systems who utilize our experience in Carrier Management, Infrastructure Optimization, and Funding to effectively leverage the dollars they spend.

Infrastructure Experts

FG maintains a proactive 24/7 Network Operations Center for clients who need a second pair of eyes or have a need for full turn-key operation of network infrastructure. FG operates a diverse range of networks today ranging from optical networks to IP/MPLS.

Federal Funding

FG’s experience includes federal funding programs such as the Rural Health Care Pilot Program (RHCPP), the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) and the USAC Health Connect Fund (HCF).

HCF Funding Management

HCF Program Management

FG’s Healthcare Connect Fund Program Management is a comprehensive approach to maximize the HCF program benefits

Fiber Network Management

Network Operation

FG studies our client’s wide area networks and engineers them to remove cost, improve reliability, and increase performance.

Fiberutilities Network Services

Fiberutilities Network Services (FNS) is a technology professional services company that manages optical fiber networks to the unique specifications of its clients. FNS also provides seamless network management services using their 24x7 Network Operations Center. FNS is a division of Fiberutilities Group, LLC.

POINTcore Network Services

POINTcore Network Services (PCNS) is focused on bringing the benefits of world class connectivity to public and private businesses and enterprises. PCNS is a joint venture between Fiberutilities Group and POINTcore. PCNS is uniquely positioned to leverage enterprise LAN resources and capabilities across the business enviroment, and has substantial expertise in healthcare and the medical facility marketplace.

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